Ashley is the owner and lead trainer for Rocca Fitness and Nutrition. After completing her undergraduate degree in entrepreneurship, she decided to pursue her graduate degrees. School plus moving across the country lead to serious weight gain that she hadn’t experienced before. Because of her love of education and her desire to learn as much as possible about how to meet her own goals, she pursued a certification in personal training. Now certified through NSCA in fitness training, as well as through NASM for fitness nutrition, she continues to help other women meet their goals and become the best versions of themselves.


Amber is a trainer for Rocca Fitness and Nutrition with a specialty in powerlifting and prenatal workout plans. Similar to Ashley, she places a high priority on education and making sure all her clients are knowledgeable about the exercises they’re doing to alleviate the risk of injury and the best results. She is a certified ACE trainer and is pursuing additional continuing education credits. Her workouts at this time are being tailored to expecting Mom’s while she goes through the process of welcoming her own pride and joy!